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Following papers has been received for publication as full papers in the proceedings of ICMS2017 conference. Already the review process has been started. Concerned authors will be contacted soon once the process completed.

Those who didnot send the word file are requested to send the manuscript in word file (MS WORD) mentioning the abstract no clearly.

Materials Today: Proceedings

Sl. No Abstract No. Title
1. 01 SEMD Characterization of Chaotic Electro Optic Modulator with the Help of Lyapunov Exponent and Bifurcation Analysis Technique.
2. 02 PCA Non-ionic fluorinated amphiphilic block copolymer via RAFT polymerization and their application as surfactant in emulsion polymerization
3. 03 ST Size control synthesis and amperometric sensing activity of Palladium nanoparticles for Glucose detection
4. 04 EM Fabrication of DSSC with Nanostructured ZnO Photo Anode and Natural Dye Sensitizer
5. 04 NMNC Optimisation and the Effect of Addition of Extra Bismuth on the Dielectric and Optical Properties of Bismuth Ferrite (BFO)
6. 05 ALCM Electron field emission property of nanostructure wrinkle thin film induced by amorphous diamond like carbon
7. 05 AM Comparative study on The Behavior of Bituminous Concrete Mix and Warm Mix Asphalt Prepared Using Lime and Zycotherm as Additive
8. 06 EM Characterisation of Biochar Produced by Pyrolysis from Areca Catechu Dust
9. 07 NMNC Facile preparation of Copper nanaoparticles using Coccinia grandis fruit extract and its application towards the reduction of toxic nitro compound
10. 08 ALCM Frequency Tuned Dielectric and Electrical Properties of a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Compound 9OBA.
11. 08 EM Natural Dyes and their Effect on Efficiency of TiO2 based DSSCs: a Comparative Study
12. 08 PCA A Comparative Study of Visco-Elastic Properties of non-Polar and Polar Polymer Dielectrics
13. 10 SEMD Exploration of Trap Levels in GaN and Al0.2Ga0.8N Layers by Temperature-Dependent Photoconductivity Measurement
14. 11 AM Sustainable packaging applications from mycelium to substitute polystyrene: a review
15. 11 EM Thermal Analysis and Kinetic Parameters Determination of

Biomass Using Differential Thermal Gravimetric Analysis

in N2 Atmosphere

16. 11 NBDD Studies on Nature’s Elegant Materials forthe Use of Water Loving, Water Hating and Water Repellency Properties
17. 11 NMNC Structural and Electrical Studies of MnGdxFe2-xO4 Nanoparticles
18. 12 AM Material characterization of starch derived bio degradable plastics and its mechanical property estimation
19. 12 EM Enhanced and Synergistic Catalysis of Green Synthesized Pd-Ag Alloy Nanoparticles for Anodic Oxidation of Propan-2-ol in Alkali
20. 12 MSMP Microscopic tight-binding study of the interplay between on-site and inter-site Coulomb interactions in Graphene
21. 12 PCA Phosphosilicate Gel-Sulfonated Poly(ether ether ketone) Nanocomposite Membrane for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
22. 12 ST Development of Cost-effective Plasmonic Sensing Device Using Gold Coated Optical Disc Nanograting
23. 13 NMNC Structural and optoelectronic properties of glucose capped Cu doped ZnO/ Zn(OH)2 nanosheets
24. 13 OEMS Red Mud and Its Applicability in Fluoride Abatement
25. 14 ST Development Of Flexible Plasmonic Sensor Based On Imprinted Nanostructure Array On Plastics
26. 15 ST Singular value Decomposition applied to Associative Memory of Hopfield Neural Network
27. 16 AM Fabrication of all-inorganic CsPbBr3perovskitenanocubes for enhancedgreen photoluminescence
28. 16 NMNC Development and Properties Evaluation of Betel Nut Fibres Composite Material
29. 17 TFSS Mixed Phase Compositions of MoS2 Ultra Thin Film Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
30. 18 AM Raw materials for manufacturing of Superior quality MgO-C bricks
31. 18 PCA Dielectric Behavior of Plasticized PVC/Alumina Nanocomposites Influenced With DC Biasing Field
32. 20 NMNC Temperature Driven Gallium Nanoclusters on Stepped Si (113) Surface
33. 20 ST Effects of Various Factors on Performance of MAC Protocols for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
34. 21 SEMD Calculation of the Electronic Properties and Band Splitting Energy of Binary Nitride Compounds using GGA and modified Becke-Johnson Potential
35. 22 OEMS Synthesis and Characterization of Fly Ash Modified Copper Oxide (FA/CuO) for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Dye
36. 24 OEMS Parametric influence towards size reduction of poly(methylmethacrylate) shelled microcapsule with epoxy core
37. 27 NMNC Mixed Phase Crystalline Hausmannite and Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles with Magnetic Properties for Environmental Application
38. 43 NMNC Green Synthesis of SnO2 Nanoparticles loaded on Activated Carbon and its Application as Photocalayst in the Degradation of Alizarin Red S Dye
39. 57 NMNC Green synthesis of Silver nanoparticles using the plant extract of Shikakai and Reetha
40. 68 NMNC Study on the Structure and Properties of Crystalline Pure and Doped β-Tri Calcium Phosphate Ceramics
41. S. Thombare (materilas Today) Nature’s Elegant Materials Flowers andLeavesAreUse of Water Loving, Water Hating and Water Repellency Properties

Journal of Material Nanoscience

Sl. No Abstract No. Title
1. Sonika rathi Negative Differential Resistance Observed in Polymeric Hetero-structure Device

International Journal of Science & Engineering Research

Sl. No Abstract No. Title
1. 15 NMNC Effect of palladium doping on structural and optical properties of WO3 nanostructures
2. 21 NMNC Effect of Synthesis Technique on The Structural, Electrical and Magnetic properties of zinc nanoferrite
3. 39 NMNC Photoluminescence from MoS2 nanostructures prepared via top-down approach
4. 58 NMNC Dielectric and Optical Properties of Fe doped ZnS Nanoparticles

International Journal of Nanoscience

Sl. No Abstract No. Title
1. 07 MSMP the influence of the substitution of transition metals on pristine C20: A DFT Study
2. 08 MSMP Tight-binding model study of tunneling spectra of monolayer Graphene-on-substrate
3. 09 TFSS Effect of surface Plasmon based improvement in optical absorption in Plasmonic solar cell
4. 10 PCA Structural, Morphological and thermal properties of Chitosan/Polyaniline fibrous structure
5. 13 MSMP Tight-binding model study of frequency dependent ferromagnetic susceptibility of graphene
7. 15 MSMP Theoretical Tight-Binding Study of Electronic Band Dispersion in Ferro magnetically Ordered Graphene-On-Substrate

BOOK chapter

Sl. No Abstract No. Title
1. 01 TFSS First principle study of electronic and optical properties of BP-yne surface
2. 05TFSS Adsorption of Hydrazoic Acid on Pristine Graphyne Sheet:

A Computational Study

3. 09 TFSS Effect of surface Plasmon based improvement in optical absorption in Plasmonic solar cell

NB: Due to insufficient no of papers the book publication may be cancelled


For the following full papers the author does not mentioned the name of the journal. Also papers were not prepared according to the format of specific journals. So authors are requested to modify their papers and resubmit by 15 th April, 2017 mentioning the name of the journal clearly and in the exact format.

Sl. No Abstract No. Title Remarks
1. 04 MSMP  

Investigation on the temperature dependent high luminous efficiency for blue organic light emitting diodes

2. 05 MSMP  Modelling of Flux Spectral Density and Power Spectral Density for four GaN QWs  
3. 05 SEMD Modelling of Flux Spectral Density and Power Spectral Density for four GaN QWs  
4. 19 NMNC A Comparative Study on the Photocatalytic

Activity of ZnO and SnO2 Nanoparticles towards

the Degradation of Some Organic Dyes

5. 22 NMNC Dodonaea viscosa methanolic extract mediated synthesis of AgNPs and its application towards A549 NSCLC cancer cells


6. 25 TFSS Experimental Investigation of Effect of Laser Process Parameters and Heat Input on Hardened Bead Geometry and Power Density of ASTM Grade 3 Pure Titanium using CW Laser Beam


7. 40 NMNC Optical, Morphological And Compositional Studies Of Copper Sulphide Nanostructures In Glucose Matrix


8. 53 NMNC Study on the Structural, Optical, Electrical and

Magnetic properties of Piper betle leaf assisted

green synthesized Fe2O3 nanoparticles

9. 66 NMNC Study on Structural and Optical properties of Sb2S3 and CdI2 Composite Thin Films deposited by Thermal Vapor Deposition



10. 71 NMNC Electrochemical Impedance Study of ZnO Nanocubes


12. 08ST Influence of spray deposition time on structural, optical and gas sensing

characteristics of Cr2O3 thin films


13. 15TFSS Thickness dependence of  microstructure  in thin tin films.


14. 16SEMD Efficiency enhancement in single quantum well AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs Light emitting diode


15. 25TFSS Experimental Investigation of Effect of Laser Process Parameters and Heat Input on Hardened Bead Geometry and Power Density of ASTM Grade 3 Pure Titanium using CW Laser Beam  
16. 47NMNC Designing an Enhanced Visible-Light Activated Hierarchical Three-dimensional Ag/TiO2 1 Nanowires/Graphene Sandwich Photocatalyst  
17. 71NMNC Electrochemical Impedance Study of ZnO Nanocubes




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