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Total 4 no of full papers have been accepted for publication in IJSER as Proceedings after peer review.
List of finally selected papers: (All papers are available online now)

Sl No Mauscript ID Authors Title
1 15NMNC Jasmeet Kaur, Kanica Anand, Anita Hastir, Virpal, Amanpreet Kaur and Ravi Chand Singh Effect of palladium doping on structural and optical properties of WO3 nanostructures

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2 21NMNC L.C. Sonia, Maisnam Victory, Sumitra Phanjoubam Effect of Synthesis Technique on The Structural, Electrical and Magnetic properties of zinc nanoferrite

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3 39NMNC Shubham Bhagat, Shivani Sharma, Jasvir Singh, and Sandeep Sharma Photoluminescence from MoS2 nanostructures prepared via top-down approach

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4 58NMNC Virpal, Anita Hastir, Nipin Kohli, Jasmeet Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur, Jasvir Singh, Sandeep Sharma and

Ravi Chand Singh

Dielectric and Optical Properties of Fe doped ZnS Nanoparticles

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